Dec 2, 2022Liked by Carl ₿ Menger

Hi Carl, great articles thank you! I have just started investigating Bitcoin and there's something I can't get my head quite around:

You say the hardware wallet contains your private key, and you also need to write it down, incase wallet breaks or lost, you can recover your coin. If your wallet is stolen, the thief has the key, correct? Then why not just remember the 12 words (easy to do with a little practice) and have them written down and buried somewhere just incase, instead of carrying around the wallet which seems to me to be a very weak link or point of failure in self custody.

Hope I was clear enough, sorry for the essay!

Cheers, D

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Nov 25, 2022Liked by Carl ₿ Menger

thanks man great educational content personally using Blockstream green getting a jade hardware wallet had been using Wasabi been tinkering around with different ones

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